SDK 3.12 release


Hi everybody,

SDK 3.12 has been released!

Here is the changelog:

  • Fixed non-ack commands
  • Simplify the way to create ftp managers from a device service
  • Fixed crash when swapping apps using the MPP (Android)
  • Fixed minSDKVersion and targetSDKVersion of libmux (Android)

To use this update on iOS, you’ll have to replace the former precompiled libraries with these new ones.
On Android, modify your build.gradle file with: compile 'com.parrot:arsdk:3.12.0'

Hope you’ll like this new version, don’t hesitate to ask if you have any problem.

Best regards,

SDK 3.11 release


Hello All,

SDK 3.12.1 is out.

It fixes a bug that made a reconnection to any Wifi product fail (if the reconnection appeared less than 5 seconds after the disconnection).

Feel free to use it!

Best regards,


Hi everybody,

SDK 3.12.4 is out!
3.12.2 and 3.12.3 were not good enough for you, so we baked a fresh 3.12.4 :wink:

What has changed in this version:

  • Use Python3 for all scripts
  • Added new Mavlink mission items related to Sequoia
  • Added an event to know if there is a Sequoia attached to the drone
  • Removed appCompat-v7 from the dependencies of ARSDK3.
  • Renamed the iOS precompiled folders as arsdk-ios and arsdk-ios_sim.
    This last change is very important if you are on an iOS project. When you’ll download and unzip the precompiled sdk (or building your own sdk), be sure to rename the header search paths and library search paths to match the new folder names. An example has been done on the samples.


Thank you Djavan! I’ve already included it in my app!
Are you still working on camera velocity?
Thank you!


Hi all,

SDK 3.12.5 is out!

What has changed:

  • Declare AccessoryState event as a MAP_ITEM type
  • Handle list flags of AccessoryState and DebugSettingsInfo events directly in libARController.


Camera velocity was already included in the SDK. However, it is still not available on the drone. It will come in a future release.



SDK 3.12.6 has been released.

It fixes a crash on Android pre-Lollipop devices.
If your app is on Android and it targets Android < 21, please update the sdk version in your build.gradle.



Quick note for Android developers which are using local SDK builds:

Google released the NDK r15 a few days ago (June 9). This update breaks the SDK build !
If you’re building your SDK locally, you should not update. We’re preparing a patch on the build system which, hopefully, should be available during the current week.

If you updated your NDK, you can find the old r14b version on the NDK older releases page.