SDK for AR Drone 2.0 Not found


I could not find any SDK for AR Drone 2.0. The current version 3.6 Framework seems like does not support AR Drone 2.0 as it does not include in the list of supporting device. Where could I get the sdk for AR Drone 2.0 or the 3.6 does actually support AR Drone 2.0?


You can download the ARDrone SDK 2.0.1 there:
It contains everything, source, docs, examples.



Is the latest SDK 3.6 is compatible with AR Drone 2.0?



No, the SDK 3 is only compatible with newer devices (Bebop Drone, Rolling Spider & variants, Jumping Sumo & variants).

The SDK for AR.Drone 1 & AR.Drone 2 is the one linked by @dadouf in his previous message :wink:



The link provided in the first post is no more avaible.
There is a way to get the SDK for ArDrone 2.0 developing under linux?

Ok, I just got the answer by myself just searching this forum.
The link is: