SDK update include BLE support in C?


Hi, will the next SDK update include BLE support in C? Or maybe this exists in the latest update?

I am keen to be able to connect to the Rolling Spider using the Unix C SDK. This link says its not currently possible (but it could be an old link). And from the ARSDK Documentation pdf (that someone kindly made) it seems to suggest its possible (not within the SDK) with standard POSIX implementation? Is this correct?

There is no Connection part for BLE products. Just use your BLE adapter methods to connect to the device. Product pairing is not required for BLE connectivity.

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If someone from Parrot could spend the 30 seconds it takes to say ‘Yes it will’ or ‘No it wont’ it would be greatly appreciated. It doesn’t take much effort and it’s common courtesy if you are going to host and provide a forum.

Note this is not the first time mine and others forums questions have been ignored.



“No it won’t”. It would add to many dependencies to the underlying OS (which bluetooth stack is available ?).

Currently, the most promising solution seems to be node-rolling-spider, which relies on node-js to do the BLE abstraction. While it hasn’t been updated for a few months, it should still work.


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Hi @Nicolas

Thanks for your reply.

Do you think I can use a library like Bluez to connect in C? And by this I mean, is there anything in the Rolling Spider firmware thats going to prevent me or disallow it?



Yes, you can use Bluez to communicate with the Rolling Spider.

You have two ways to do this:

  • Create a completely new controller, using the protocol documentation. This is what they did with node-rolling-spider.
  • Create a libARNetworkAL + libARDiscovery implementation for Bluez, and integrate everything in the libARController environment. This is the “hard” solution, but the most durable one.


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Hey sazr,

have you succeeded in using BLE with Rolling Spider in C? If so, could you share the code? It would save me a lot of time :slight_smile:

Thank you in advance.