SDK updating for the new Power Bebop features


Are you going to publish a SDK updating for the new Power Bebop features? Thank you


The sdk update that will support our new products will be released soon. We are working hard so that release could be before next month.

Even if your app can’t benefit from all the new features that will be brought by this new SDK, it still can connect to the Bebop 2 Power with the actual version of the SDK (because the Bebop 2 Power is advertising itself as a Bebop 2).


Djavan, thank you so much for the prompt response. We look forward to the new update :slight_smile:


is it also possible to provide in to new SDK the feature to set the altitude for RTH? Many users required it.



Hi Djavan,
we tested the new Bebop’s firmware with our Android application (based on the current SDK) and we noted that the camera pan&tilt commands are no longer working…
Please let us know
Thank you



I’ve tested and it works. Could you tell me what you think is not working. Also please provide additional information about your setup: sdk version, Bebop or Bebop 2, whether or not you’re using a SkyController, a SkyController 2…


You’re right, sorry it was our mistake.


have you news about new SDK?


Please we need an answer about the RTH altitude settings, we are updating our application and this features would be needed.
Thank you


As announced, SDK will be published soon.
The RTH altitude setting won’t be included in this release and I don’t have any idea if and when it will be.


OK, we will wait for it …
thank you