SDK version 3 documentation


The new SDK version 3 appears to be missing API documentation.
The material at is great.
But a API document for example on Android a JavaDoc would be a great accompaniment to the SDK.

Does this type of documentation or is it planned?




This type of documentation does not exist for the moment.
We have no idea when we could release one, as it would require a lot of work to fix the lack of comments in the code.

Sorry about that,


Thanks Djavan for the prompt reply.

In terms; bug fixes or enhancements, are these done by parrot developers or by the community as pull requests?

Is there a roadmap, of planned work or new features?




We are accepting pull requests (it might not be very quick but we are reviewing them), we listen to your needs (if it is something we can and want to do, we implement it).

There is no official roadmap at that time.