sendCameraOrientationV2 doesn't move the camera!


Product: [Bebop2]
Product version: [4.0.3]
SDK version: [3.12.6]
SDK platform: [Android]

Hello every one, i’m trying to move the camera of bebop2, by using this command :
ARCONTROLLER_ERROR_ENUM error = device.getFeatureARDrone3().sendCameraOrientationV2((float)10, (float)0); but that change nothing, and it doesn’t trigger the event,
thank you



There are two problems here:

  • Your drone is not using the latest firmware. The 4.0.3 firmware did not support the OrientationV2 command. You can upgrade to 4.3.1 with FreeFlight Pro.

  • You should not use the sendCameraOrientationV2(...) method, but instead the setCameraOrientationV2(...) (notice the set instead of send). The first one will only send one command, which will immediately be overwritten by the periodic camera commands from libARController, while the second one will set those periodic commands (and ensure that the camera properly goes to the requested position)