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Why the function for moving the camera using velocity does not work?

This is the Obj-C reference:
deviceController->aRDrone3->sendCameraVelocity(deviceController->aRDrone3, (float)tilt, (float)pan);

The SDK told me that the function sendCameraVelocity of aRDrone3 does not exist!

I have the latest SDK: 3.10.1

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As answered here, it is a documentation error.
This command is not yet supported by the Bebop. We will update the documentation soon.

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And by the way, SDK 3.10.1 is not the latest one.
We’ve release the 3.11.0 one week ago. This one supports the cameraVelocity command (even if the drone does not yet).


Thank you very much, I’ve just seen and downloaded it!


I’ve just tried the new SDK 3.11.0 and the new cameraVelocity does not work yet!
Do you know when it will work with the bebop?
Can you suggest me a method to move the camera smoother?
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This SDK contains these new messages about camera orientation (cameraOrientationV2 and cameraVelocity), however, the drones are not ready for these messages. It will come in a later firmware update.

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Thank you Djavan as ever!
Any date of release about new firmware update?