Sequoia-ptpy live view example?



In the “PTP OVER USB” section of the Sequoia API documentation states that “Full-sized, live image download is possible.” Can anyone point me to an example of doing this with the sequoia-ptpy (or any other) library? Any pointers would be a great help.



@rarmstrong22, Please check the image below:

Once you have the camera object, it would have methods(functions) to access images available in the camera internal memory.

This is just a basic idea (I haven’t checked for myself). I hope this is helpful.


Hi muzammil360, thanks for responding.

Yep, I’ve been using ptpy for a while now to capture imagery; I just don’t see how one can do this particular thing (live capture). If I do a dir(camera), I don’t see anything obvious that would do live capture.

Thanks again,



Hi @rarmstrong22,

Thank you for your question. This has been noted on the PTPy repository and more detailed examples will be added.

Before that happens and rather briefly: live capture consists on simultaneously triggering acquisitions and downloading the images as that happens.

The way to do that with PTP is to watch out for ObjectAdded events. These carry an object handle parameter which you can use to query the camera about the created file and choose whether to download it.