[Share] Bebop2 C# SDK for standalone PC and UWP


Product: [Bebop2]

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Hi everyone!

This is a Parrot Bebop2 C# pilot SDK for standalone PC and UWP. You can pilot the drone by setting the raw/yaw/pitch of the drone. Since this project is just started, it doesn’t provide complete function as official SDK. I will keep updating the rest functions in the future. Though it is not a good SDK, but I think I can share what I’ve done and hope there’s someone who can make this project getting complete and useful!!!

  • I only implement the drone movement control command, which is roughly send the moving command to the drone but don’t receive any return message from the drone.

  • Because the streaming type is RTP/.H264 and this project is going to be used in UWP file, I’m still thinking that how to decode the RTP/H264 package on the UWP device. So basically if you want to watch the video from the drone right now, you need to enable the video streaming of the drone and open the SDP file (by VLC) which is provided by the official.

Sorry if there’s somewhere I didn’t implement well. Actually I’m a newer for coding, so if you have any suggestion you can contact me via mail (u10116032@gmail.com), I will really appreciate it !!


Hi Halley

This is Kevin from China, I’m looking for a solution of control Bebop2 using C#,
Thanks your great project, now I can make my thought come true,
I have some small questions:

  1. Where did you find those commands in command set class?
  2. Actually, I want to control the Bebop2 to a special GPS location, do you know how to achieve this?

Look forward to your reply



Hi Kevin,

I think I just replied to your mail =) If you have more questions, fill free to ask !!:grinning: