SLAM Dunk Wifi with WPA



I am having an issue setting up WiFi on the SLAM Dunk. There is no iwconfig and iwlist. I do not have an ethernet adapter. I am using the raspberry pi wifi adapter and it is listed under ifconfig.

How would I go about connecting it to a WPA2 PSK network so that I can install the graphical environment?

I can install wireless-tools over a deb on a flash drive but I don’t know if that will break anything as your setup script disables some things on wireless. I would make a recommendation that a script be added to make connecting to a wireless network easier and adding the wireless-tools package with iwconfig and the others. I get you’re trying to keep things light but if I needed the space, I would remove the unnecessary packages. I think most would rather support for wireless out of the box compared to a couple less MB free space.

One note. I had to rebuild the SLAM Dunk by doing an update from a USB drive.


So a bit more info. The SLAM Dunk creates a wireless hotspot by default that you can log on to. This could be useful for VNC or SSH. I am still working on putting it in client mode. In this post, I got internet working on it over USB and windows ICS: S.L.A.M dunk ethernet setup