Ultrasound topic


I’ve just got S.L.A.M.dunk and I’m testing it. I always get all topic which I need- pose, points cloud etc. But I don’t received any messages from /ultrasound topic.
I run sudo diagnostic and I get:
" 25-ultrasound ok [ultrasound] Ultrasound Result: KO Distances: "1.100 0.282 0.282 ""
So how I can enable this /ultrasound topic ?
Thanks for your help!


Sorry for the late answer.
I have too this problem since one week.

In fact, when I put my S.L.AM.dunk in a certain pose, it does not work.
However, when I move a bit my S.L.AM.dunk (10 cm), it starts working.

I have no clue why.
If it does not help you, you can maybe check the 2 topics

which are more recent.
there are no working answer yet but there may be one one day :slight_smile:



I have a solution, a sudo apt-get update, with the command
sudo sh -c 'echo “deb https://plf.parrot.com/slamdunk trusty multiverse” > /etc/apt/sources.list.d/parrot_slamdunk.list’
as mentionned there

I did it 2 weeks ago without success, I did it on Friday afternoon and it is working :slight_smile: