Upload images to Bebop2


Product: [Bebop2]
I used Pix4Capture with Bebop2 and I did not download the images.
I have downloaded them directly from the bebop2 to my pc and now I would like to know if there is any way to rewrite them in bebop2 memory for the program to try to download.
Since Windows does not seem to write to bebop2 when I connect it with a USB cable.
Can it be any other way?


You can do it with FTP on, port 21. You should put them in something like internal_000/Bebop2/Medias.


I have done, put the images by ftp in that folder. This same folder is used by bebop to store image camera.
The problem that i have is that when i thry to see that files conecting bebop to my PC this images do not appear. Images are stored in bebop i can see by ftp conection.
Then images do not may be accesible to pix4dcapture to download images to tablet or Ipad.