USB - not connecting


Right now the SLAMdunk does not read from any USB devices (they show up as Ethernet connections in Network manager, but do not actually connect, and does not give any error). Any ideas? Think it’s a hardware issue? I’ve emailed Parrot Support.


If you used the ~/scripts/, then you can see that we disable some network-manager stuff since we fill in stuff in /etc/network/interfaces.d.

Relevant excerpt from ~/scripts/

# Without this Network manager takes control over /etc/network/interfaces
echo "Disable Network Manager"
echo manual > /etc/init/network-manager.override
rm -f /etc/dnsmasq.d/network-manager

So you can try to make sure to enable network manager, e.g.:

sudo start network-manager

Not sure if something needs to be done for the dnsmasq.d file.


Thanks for your response Sarcasm! Actually, the USB not connecting issue happened before I installed the desktop environment (while we were using Slamdunk as a stand alone computer and receiving the topics over USB to TK1). Even after installing the desktop and enabling network manager, it is still not able to connect over USB.