Using gps on Sample App


Product: [Bebop1 - HW_10]
Product version: [3.3.0]
SDK version: [3.9.1
Use of libARController: [YES] (Only for ARSDK)
SDK platform: [Android]
Reproductible with the official app: [Not tried]

I want realtime map viewer by google maps api ( refer my app picture )
but… bebop’s GPS sensor only show default value 500,500,500…
my App based on SDK sample app.
and i added function like this

what is problem? ㅠㅠ
by any chance, if i use bebop’s GPS sensor, need to turn on some GPS ON/OFF switch?

i need more code? ㅠㅠ


There is no switch for turning on/off GPS. I have a Bebop 2 which I believe has a better GPS sensor, but still isn’t the best. I can’t get a gps signal inside my house. So most likely you just don’t have a gps lock. In fact, even if I’m outside and I pick my drone up it will lose the gps signal, I guess from my hand being over it.



thx for reply!
oh, i think, enough to get GPS signal at window seat.
i read your reply, and go out, turn on bebop, at last can receive GPS signal.
thank you, i’m fool ㅠㅜ
parrot sdk and sample app is wonderful!
thx you very much to instruct your experience.


hi adenia,

I’m implementing an android app.
I’m currently having the same problem of getting the GPS signal from the drone.
Can you share your code?



This might help you:

Best regards,


Hi guys,

I’m currently working on an autonomous navigation app.
I’m currently facing 2 problems.

  1. When I make use of the drone GPS I’m unable to get the google map ready.
  2. Is there a library function to set the coordinates and let the drone take off, navigate to the location and return back to home location and land. To complete the whole process.

Can you help me out, please?
Thank you.



Please avoid creating multiple posts with the same question.


Hi adenia,

May I know, how where you able to retain the google map after you connect the drone via WIFI?


There are multiple ways to do it of varying complexity.

The easiest is to simply use Google maps cached tiles (cached from within maps itself).

The most complex is to implement your own tile provider and interact with the underlying tile servers directly. Using this approach you can persist the tile binary data locally… Assuming you honor the terms of use of the company / organization hosting the tiles.

There are quite a bit of stackoverflow examples out there that cover these scenarios.


Is there any sample code that I can review?