Using phone gyroscope to control Rolling Spider


Product: [Rolling Spider]
Product version: [latest?]
SDK version: [3.10.1]
Use of libARController: [YES] (Only for ARSDK)
SDK platform: [Android]
Reproductible with the official app: [Not tried]


I’m new to Android development. I was trying to modify the sample code to use the phone’s IMU to control the drone, similar to how it is implemented in FreeFlight Mini in Normal mode.

I was trying to follow this game developer’s tutorial for implementing this in his game ( ), and make the necessary changes to work for the minidrone sample code, but it keeps crashing when it tries to register the orientation data.

I was wondering if this code might already be in the Sample code or somewhere else publicly available?

If not, any general direction on how to do this would be greatly appreciated.



I’ve done a small open-source side project that uses the accelerometer of an Android Wear device to control the drones.
The accelerometer part can be easily used directly in a phone’s app.
Here is the part where the accelerometer data is get.

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Awesome. Thank you for the help!



I’m currently working on a similar project for a hobby. I wanted to use a phone’s gyroscope and/or accelerometer data to control the flight of the drone. Thus I was wondering if this code can be implemented with just an Android phone, or whether it is necessary to have a Wear device? Also, can this project be used to control the Parrot Mambo?




For your first question:

For your second question:
This project can be used to control the Parrot Mambo yes.



Hi Djavan,

Thank you! This really helps.


Hi Djavan,

I’ve been working on getting this project to run for the past few weeks. So far, I’ve been able to emulate the Samsung Watch on Android Studio, but I’m still unable to run the project. I also created an Android Virtual Device for a Nexus 5X Phone, but I don’t know how to pair these two emulators. I was wondering if you could guide me in the right direction as per which devices/what kind of specs I need to run your project? And if it’s possible to only use AVDs to run it?

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The project works with every Android Wear devices (from Android Wear 1 to Android Wear 2 version), and with all Android devices with a version greater than Android 21.
This page (chapter Setting Up an Emulator) explains quite well how to do it.
As it is not clearly stated, I’m not sure it is possible to start two emulators, one for the handheld device, the other for the wearable one. But, they explain how to start a watch emulator and pair it with a physical handheld device.



Okay. I’ll give that a shot! Thank you Djavan.