Writing to GPIO on SLAM Dunk



Through the code example it is straight forward to control the LEDs.

I cannot however find any information on how to control i.e. the GPIOs (or other connectors).

Trying to follow e.g. this guide lets me read values (through “cat /sys/class/gpio/gpioXX/value” ) but I cannot write (I get “permission denied”) even though direction is (preset) to “out”.

Can anyone shed some light on this issue?



Did you fix your problem?

A permission problem is probably because you need to be root to modify these files.
The LEDs have special permission so that even non-root can modify it but that is an exception.


No I did not find a solution, how do I get root access on the parrot to test what you propose?


The same way you update/upgrade your system, you can use sudo:

First open a shell session as root with:

sudo su

Then, write to the file:

echo xxx > /sys/class/gpioXX/value

Or alternatively:

echo xxx | sudo tee /sys/class/gpioXX/value