3D STEP file for skycontroller 2

Hello, in the “CAD Modeling” section, there are 4 models, except mine. By accident I broke the battery cover of my skycontroller 2 that I use with my bebop 2 I can’t find the cover anywhere to be able to 3D print. On the official page I found STEP files (3D) but they are recent Parrot drones and skycontrollers. Would it be possible to provide me with the skycontroller 2 STEP file? I pay if necessary. I love my bebop 2 and I didn’t want to give it up. I hope you can help me. Thank you

Looked at 3d printing and nothing related to the SC2 batt door available, unless it is created for 3D printing.

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I’ve also been looking for SK2 related files but haven’t found them. I just need the curves of the batt door design to be able to draw it in 3D but I’ll have to do everything by hand, it will take time but I’ll get it and I’ll share the work here. Thanks for answering me. (Sorry my English).

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