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Jerome. I am on my 2nd Skycontroller. I have everything calibrated and both Bebop and Skycontroller paired perfectly. Oh, I bought the SC separably from the drone. I hit take off and the bebop goes straight forward about 4 inches off the ground. So frustrated at this point. All SW is uploaded and between Parrot support and me trying everything the bebop flys the same exact way. Up 4 inches and straight forward … Without the SC it works perfect. So I am reaching out to the experts. Any help would be appreciated…

@mpshev please stop posting multiple times.
I answered you here: Bebop 1 GPS reading problem while using skycontroller


Does anyone know which antenna wire is the 5G and which one is the 2.4G connecting to the antenna on the Skycontroller? I’ve taken apart the controller but can not locate any labels on the MCX jacks on the module except for CH0 and CH1. I have a wifi booster I’m installing but only putting it on the 2.4G wire.