Access locally (without internet) to sensors information

Hello Flower Power team,
I’m very interested in your product however for the current problem I have, I need to access the sensors information locally through a wired connection through a communications protocol like RS232, I2C, SPI, CAN, etc. Is it possible to purchase a special developer version of your product? My main objective is to have an embedded sensor system “all in one” to do data processing locally.
Hope it is possible

EDIT: Also is it possible to get the sensor data through Arduino using your BLE Api?

Best Regards

David Velasquez

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Hello David,
the only way to access our sensors “locally” is through BLE interface.
You can find some sample code on our github :

Or if you want to develop your own version, here is the BLE specification :



I want to execute the node-flower-power on arduino with BLE. Do you have any step by step installation guide ?

Thank you

We have a step by step for Raspberry Pi, you need to adapt it to arduino platform :