Access right_rgb_rect/image_rect_color image

I need left and right rectified images from SLAM dunk. However when I see the topics published by SLAM dunk I noticed that only left rectified image is getting published and there is no corresponding right rectified image.
Since SLAM dunk also publishes disparity map image there must be both left and right rectified images. How do I access the right rectified image then??
Thanks in advance!

The SLAMdunk doesn’t provide a right rectified image but I think you can publish by yourself a topic corresponding to the right rectified image from the disparity map.

That’s the problem! I want to evaluate the disparity image on my own since the one published by slamdunk doesn’t seem to be correct.

Even I want to access right rectified image. This is annoying. We have to basically code up the entire stereo pipeline because we don’t get right rectified image. Did you find anyway to access it?