How to switch to 5G and FCC in EURO?

Using 2G is aweful and hard in urban areas where is so many wifi routers around, in every place.
Switching to 5G gives mostly some chance to fly safer. But I cannot force FF6 to 5G, it’s greyed.


SOLVED in this way:

close FF6 (and all others applications)
get the phone in Airplane mode
turn off Localization (both GPS and WIFI)
set default Android language English US

open RC
connect the phone with RC by USB cable
open FF6 (if not automatically when USB pluged in)
turn on ANAFI and wait fo connection
set/change WIFI channel to 5G manually
turn on back Localization in Android Settings


Hi Janger, how did you “set default Android language English US”?


when you are in fcc or ce mode how many channel you see in the WiFi menu of ff6 in 2.4 and 5gz ?


Hey Janger is there anyway we can get in touch in order to talk a little bit about changing from CE to FCC? Tell me how ASAP! It’s important