ANAFI availability


I’m software developer. Drones are not my main subject of works, but I did few things with DJI SDK (like waypoints for Spark) and a few years ago I’ve connected AR.Drone by Arduino for external controlling.

Now I see ANAFI which makes very promises, and I suppose it has potential to change the drones ways.

I would like to get in touch with ANAFI now.

The problem is: I can only pre-order now, with sale time after 2 July.

But I will move to Iceland for filming right on 1 July.
I have orders for movies from Iceland, because there are so many special beautiful locations.
And this will not my first time filming on Iceland, previously I used dj drone, certainly.

I would like to record that new movies on Iceland with ANAFI (and left dji drone home).
In his way I could share results days after 2 July, or even online.

Who can help me to get ANAFI sooner, before July, before my trip will begin?

If you know any person in Parrot who could help, please let me know his contact.