Application of flight planning and SEQUOIA



I would like to know which is the best application of flight planning to control Sequoia triggering with a 3DR SOLO. I have some difficult to understand and to be sure that my overlap is correct.

Thank you



You couldn’t trigger frim pixhawk or others.
You have to power sequoia and sunshine sensor, it have his own wifi access point, you have to connect to it to setup with a web interface and trigger like time lapse or gps lapse : sunshine sensor have his own gps to geotag pr trigger photo. There is an embeded interface to calculate gps distance between each picture. That’s it !



I am using the Sequoia with Inspire 1/P4P. I would like to know how to ensure that the drone and the camera follows the same flight plan? I am working in Remote Sensing of Agriculture and I really need to make proper photgrammetric flights.

So far I see that the camera itself has a planning tool. But is this somehow aware of the drones’ planning?

Thank you!