Arduino remote for minidrones

i try to encounter making a remote for a mambo
on a arduino uno. Why - to use it later as a bridge between the mambo and a computer.
Has anyone smaples for it?
I think the drone commands are sent as strings, am i right?

Hi, I’m trying to do something similar to yours, could you do it?

Hey Enrique,
I am sorry to tell we skipped out on the bluetooth control via arduino, I guess the handshake was the problem.
Here you can find a code working with node wich was usefull and worked to get it running via a laptop;

If you check out my other posts you will find a lot answeres to the problems arduino vs arduino, but sadly no success using the remote.

Cheers, health an success to you

thanks. I just want to transfer some angle data from an external IMU to the drone, do you know how it could be done?