AU-NALU FIFO is full


Product: [Bebop/Bebop2]
Product version: [4.7.1]
SDK version: [0.7.1]
SDK platform: [Ubuntu 16.04]

I’m using Ubuntu 16.04 + ROS Kinetic + bebop_autonomy(0.7.1) + Bebop2Power (v4.7.1) for a project in my college.
But i have this problem when i run the drive and suscribe to /bebop/image_raw

[ERROR] [ARSTREAM2_H264] 13:03:12:376 | ARSTREAM_H264_AuNaluFifoPopFreeItem:1022 . AU-NALU FIFO is Full

Can you give me some advice?

Thanks for your help,


I have the same error when I try to catch the streaming frame.
I think it may because of the thread is too busy, so it can’t afford so many works.
then I new another thread to catch the frame.
it works smoothly.