Auto opening FreeFlight app with SkyController 2 USB


Product: [SkyController2]
Product version: [1.0.4]
SDK version: [3.11]
Use of libARController: [YES]
SDK platform: [iOS]
Reproductible with the official app: [YES]

Is there a way to avoid opening automatically FreeFlight app when I plug USB cable between SkyController 2 and iPhone?
Thank you!



No, you can’t prevent that (except by not installing FreeFlight).

This is a limitation of the MFI program: The accessory (in our case the SkyController) has to provide the bundle-id of its preferred application (in our case FreeFlight Pro), which will be automatically opened when the accessory is connected to a phone.

You can not configure or change that like you would on Android.



Thank you Nicolas for your explanation!


Thanks you for the explanation! !
But if I code a alternative App with a validated MFI program by Parrot for the SK2, then could that app override the preferred application ?
It is a shame to have to kill FreeFlight Pro every time I connect the phone to the SK2 when I want to use a alternate piloting app…


I agree with vyskocil! It is a shame to kill FFpro every time!
Would be better to avoid to open any app.