Battery Level is sent only at connexion

Hello folks…

I’m developing on Windows 10 a library and application to control Jumping Sumo.
All it’s working… but… Battery Level…

When I connect to Drone I send Date, Time, RequestAllStates, RequestAllConfig commands
The sumo responds with a lot of packet and initial battery level
And after that ?
The sumo never send another battery level anymore… even if i send another RequestAll Command…

There is a special command to send for getting battery level ?

Thanks a lot


Product: [Jumping Sumo]
Product version: [1]
SDK version: [3]
Use of libARController: [NO]
SDK platform: [windows .net]
Reproductible with the official app: [Not tried]

You really should not send the Setting.AllSettings command more than once (same for Common.AllStates).
The battery is sent when the battery state changes. Did you wait enough time to get the battery percentage to change?
Another reason might be that this event is sent on the non-acknownledged buffer. Are you listening the event on the right buffer?

Yes I have waited until battery was drained… and we are on the right buffer (all other event was ok)
Oddly, we do not get a battery alert either…

here the log: (9.9 KB)

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I have resolved my issue.
In my send thread I have forgotten to remove an extra move(0,0) wich was sended on every command sent… Too bad…
My apologies…


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