Bebop 1/2 Autonomus Flight

Product: [Bebop/Bebop2]
SDK platform: [Python./Android…]

Hi i am developing an autonomus indoor flight… i have read the forum and see that a lot of people is interested in this.

currently, i am using the python pyparrot library wich is very usefull for rapid developement. The only disadvantage is the video latency.

Here some thoughts and questions

  • The moveBy x,y,z,radians… seems to not be very accurate… furthermore, when already moving, and new command moving to the same direcction arrives… it seems that the inertia is not taking into account… and the drone flys further.

    • In relation to this… a method using the move by time and angles and taking the current velocitys seems more accurate. i am in the middle of some tests.
    • In my case… the Bebop 1 seems to hover poorly than the Bebop 2. This cause that small movements, like 5/10 cm to a direction, often result in no movement at all.
  • I have, a marvelmind indoor gps set.

    • Is there a way to INJECT GPS data?
    • If not, i’m planning on taping the gps on top of the bebop, and maybe planning to make a control system on the computer to control the parrot movemens. Any Thoughts about this ? Advices?
  • Additionally

    • Any thought about visual oddometry? maybe getting the down camera and making optical flow for lateral and frontal movements
    • Visual odometry using front camera? or maybe front camera pointing down… and external tape atached camera for fpv… or similar setup
    • other things that may be useful