Bebop 1 FreeFlight Pro connect behaviour


Product: [Bebop]
Product version: [4.0.6]
SDK platform: [Python/NodeJS]
Hi! I am trying to control a Bebop 1 with a Raspberry Pi and a few things more for my thesis, so I decided to create a little app(using PyParrot library or node-bebop) to connect to the drone and take off. The problem is that when I take off with my app, the drone lifts from the floor and 1/2 seconds later it starts to advance in a random way. The curious thing about this, is that when I connect the drone with FreeFlight Pro, disconnect it, and then use my app, the drone takes off with no problem. After a few reset or battery changes, the problem reappears in my app. So the question would be… When the official app sets the connection with the drone, what activities/commands does it send to the drone? Because it seems that FreeFlight Pro sets some kind of configuration that makes it work all the time. Hope you can help me, thanks!