Bebop 1 GPS Questions

Product: [Bebop]

On the last update of Bebop(4.0.6) which countries satellites are now available or do you still have to manually enable them to use their data on the furuno? I would like to use all satellites in the US and all other countries as well. Anyone know the exact procedure? Or did 4.0.6 already do that?

Another GPS question what is the pinout of the GPS I would like to know If I can hook it up to a USB or special board to view any data and know which satellites and country it is using without the evaluation kit.

It looks like another no answer. The few people that do have the answers, lost in time. There are improvements out there. The original Bebop has many features and configurations that people haven’t figured out and still don’t understand, It did not get obsolete. Not a toy. This is a piece of gold left for time without a full understanding of it’s systems by a majority of it’s users then and now. The Bebop has simply beat us.

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