Bebop 2 video streaming

Hi everyone. I would like to do the bebop2 video streaming on ubuntu using opencv and python. I used the code below but unfortunately i was unable to get the streaming because of the "from pyparrot.Model import Model " problem. Anyone knows how to solve it? thanks.

from pyparrot.Bebop import Bebop
from pyparrot.DroneVision import DroneVision
from pyparrot.Model import Model
import threading
import cv2
import time

isAlive = False

class UserVision:
def init(self, vision):
self.index = 0 = vision

def save_pictures(self, args):
    #print("saving picture")
    img =

    if (img is not None):
        filename = "test_image_%06d.png" % self.index
        #cv2.imwrite(filename, img)
        self.index +=1

make my bebop object

bebop = Bebop()

connect to the bebop

success = bebop.connect(5)

if (success):
# start up the video
bebopVision = DroneVision(bebop, Model.BEBOP)

userVision = UserVision(bebopVision)
bebopVision.set_user_callback_function(userVision.save_pictures, user_callback_args=None)
success = bebopVision.open_video()

if (success):
    print("Vision successfully started!")
    #removed the user call to this function (it now happens in open_video())

    # skipping actually flying for safety purposes indoors - if you want
    # different pictures, move the bebop around by hand
    print("Fly me around by hand!")

    print("Moving the camera using velocity")
    bebop.pan_tilt_camera_velocity(pan_velocity=0, tilt_velocity=-2, duration=4)
    print("Finishing demo and stopping vision")

# disconnect nicely so we don't need a reboot

print(“Error connecting to bebop. Retry”)