Bebop and Apriltag


Hi to everyone,

I am not sure it is the right place to ask this kind of questions but I will try.

I have a bebop2 and I am using it for research. I am controlling the drone with the bebop_autonomy driver and I would like to know if someone around this community knows the following:

my goal is to run onboard the apriltag algorithm (to make it easy, it is an algorithm to track a QR-code-like tag). In order to get the apriltag information on my ground station.
Do you know if this is possible to do with the current SDK?

I have seen a video online in which a bebop is following an apriltag but there are no details about it. I am thinking that what he was doing was to run the bebop and then stream on the ground station the camera images and then ON THE GROUND STATION run the apriltag.

Thanks for your help