Bebop MAVlink waypoints


Hello everyone,

for my bachelor thesis i have just started developing an Android-App that shall control the Bebop in a way, that a map section will be flown over autonomously for monitoring. Also it shall be possible to save GPS positions detected via the live camera feed.

For that reason, i need the Bebop to fly through GPS waypoints.

After looking into the SDK for a while now, i have come to the conclusion, that currently that is only possible by using the MAVlink protocol.

That is why i have a few questions regarding MAVlink:

Is the waypoint format required the same as the one mentioned in the example on the mavlink website, or is the “Mavlink file for FlightPlan” mentioned in the documentation something totally different?
If so is there a description anywhere?

Also, would it be possible to change altitude, yaw and speed during an autonomous flight, regardless of the waypoint data?

As always, thank you for your help!



pretty sure mavlink is mavlink. i’ll be taking this on shortly myself so hopefully one of the devs chimes in.

My gut tells me that if the drone receives commands during its mavlink flight that the flight will be aborted, but that is pure speculation.


After Reading this Thread I found out about the ARMavlinkFileGenerator and ARMavlinkMissionItem classes. Looking into them now. But seems pretty self-explanatory.