Bebop video stream error


Product: Bebop2
SDK version: 3.13
Use of libARController: Yes
SDK platform: iOS
Reproductible with the official app: Not tried

I’ve been able to run my code, modified off the SDK, and connect to and control a drone from my laptop in the iPhone simulator. However I have never been able to receive the video stream, it’s just black behind the controls on the simulated iPhone, and in the console it logs the error repeatedly that the AR video stream was not received/port number already in use, but it appears to keep trying the same port. I don’t know where to begin trying to fix it, anyone have any ideas?

Edit: these are some of the errors I am getting.
[ERR] ARSTREAM2_RtpReceiver | 12:07:59:880 | ARSTREAM2_RtpReceiver_StreamSocketSetup:243 - Error on stream socket bind port=55004: error=48 (Address already in use)
[ERR] ARSTREAM2_RtpReceiver | 12:07:59:880 | ARSTREAM2_RtpReceiver_New:1095 - Failed to setup the stream channel (error -1)
[ERR] ARSTREAM2_StreamReceiver | 12:07:59:880 | ARSTREAM2_StreamReceiver_Init:456 - Error while creating receiver : Resource unavailable
[ERR] ARCONTROLLER_Stream2 | 12:07:59:883 | ARCONTROLLER_Stream2_StartStream:581 - Error ARSTREAM2_StreamReceiver_Init : -7
[ERR] ARSTREAM2_StreamReceiver | 12:07:59:901 | ARSTREAM2_StreamReceiver_Stop:1965 - Invalid handle
[ERR] ARSTREAM2_StreamReceiver | 12:07:59:902 | ARSTREAM2_StreamReceiver_Free:532 - Invalid pointer for handle



Thanks for the report. I have no idea what’s going on. In which version is your Bebop 2?
Could you try with a real device (not an iOS Simulator)?