Bebop2 camera API

Product: [Bebop2]
Use of libARController: [YES/NO] (Only for ARSDK)
SDK platform: [Unix/Python…]

I’m using Olympe 1.0.1 and when I run following code with Olympe console

[import olympe
from olympe.messages.ardrone3.Piloting import TakeOff, moveBy, Landing
from olympe.messages.ardrone3.PilotingState import FlyingStateChanged
from import take_photo , photo_state
import time
import olympe_deps as od
from olympe.messages.user_storage import start_monitoring

drone = olympe.Drone(“”,drone_type=od.ARSDK_DEVICE_TYPE_BEBOP_2)
cam_id = 1
drone(take_photo(cam_id) >> photo_state(cam_id=cam_id, state=‘active’, _policy=‘wait’)).wait()]

for taking a photo it doesn’t get me any event message for photo_progress as Olympe Doc said.

first of all, please say that what is the command for taking a photo in bebop2? if it hasn’t camera features

then when I run “drone.connection()” it sends “thermal_cam.camera_state(cam_id=1, state=state.deactivated, list_flags=‘First|Last’)” as event message how can i change the state into activated?

and could you help me to find your Documentations for thermal_cam.camera_state?

thanks, Parrot