Bebop2 - Can't ping bebop when he is connected in cellPhone Hotspot



I am trying to connect the bebop to my cellPhone hotspot and I can do it that. The problem is that when my PC (he is connected to my cellphone too) is trying to ping the bebop2 i don’t receive any message but when I try to ping other pc on the network it is possible to do it.

I use this short code to connect to my cellphone hotspot:


if [ $(bcmwl ap) -eq 1 ]
echo “Trying to connect to $ESSID” | logger -s -t “LongPress” -p

    # Bring access point mode down
    $DEFAULT_WIFI_SETUP remove_net_interface
    # Configure wifi to connect to given essid
    ifconfig eth0 down
    bcmwl down
    bcmwl band auto
    bcmwl autocountry 1
    bcmwl up
    bcmwl ap 0
    bcmwl join ${ESSID}                                
    ifconfig eth0 up
    # Run dhpc client
    udhcpc -b -i eth0 --hostname=$(hostname)

# Should make drone an access point again
# Bug: does not work yet (turn drone off & on instead)
$DEFAULT_WIFI_SETUP create_net_interface