Bebop2/ROS/Mavlink local Takeoff/Land

Product: [Bebop2]
SDK platform: [Linux/Python/ROS(bebop_autonomy)]
Reproductible with the official app: [Not tried]


I am trying to create manually some flightplan and starting it from ROS with bebop_autonomy driver.

For now I managed to create my flightplan.mavlink, uploaded it on bebop drone and from ROS I can send a std_msgs/String flightplan.mavlink on /bebop/autoflight/start topic.
Response : Starting autoflight from plan : flightplan.mavlink" then… Nothing. No error, no crash but the drone does nothing.

My mavlink file may be in cause since I didn’t tried to change it much, but all I want to is takeoff then land just where the drone is put on the ground. Thats why I used

MAV_CMD_NAV_TAKEOFF_LOCAL (24) and #MAV_FRAME_LOCAL_ENU) (4) as coord frame. Maybe I shouldn’t. Could someone give me the appropriate .mavlink file doing just takeoff/land locally or tell me if I am doing something wrong I am not aware.

Thank you for your help.