Bebop2, SkyController2 and Parrot SDK, Can control Drone without wifi?


Product: Bebop
Product: 2
SDK version: 0.29.1
SDK platform: iOS

I am developing an iPad application, using Parrot SDK to connect and control Bebop2 via wifi.
But my application needs to connect internet, switch wifi connection can make users feel inconvenient.
I know we can control Bebop2 by SkyController2. However, I am not sure it will work with my application.

By using SkyController2, can I develop applications to control my Bebop2 without connecting to Drone’s wifi?



Yes, when your iPad is connected to the SkyController2 through USB, you can connect its wifi to any network you want. The connection to the drone is made by the SkyController2 itself :wink:



Thanks for your reply
I will buy SkyController2.