Bebop2 Systems manual


Hi I was hoping someone out there might be able to help me out with the following information as I have tried to find this info out through forums and from Parrot them selves but have had no luck.

The following information I need is for my CAA approved course to obtain a commercial licence to fly my drone for work purposes in the UK.

  1. Ceiling Hight , 2. Operating Radius, 3. Max operating altitude, 4. Internal components of the Bebop, 5. Control data link, 6. Transmitter power, 7. Video data down link, 8. Antennas (position and how many) and 9. Transmitter Power EIRP.

Any help on this would be much appreciated.

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Ceiling height and max operating altitude feel the same to me. the Bebop’s maximum altitude while under direct control is 150 meters. While executing a Flight Plan (mavlink) its max altitude is 200 meters. This can be restricted further by use of the geofencing maximum altitude setting (whatever value between 1 and 150 meters you specify).

Max operating radius is controllable by use of the geofencing maximum distance setting but the generally accepted maximum flight distance while under direct control is about 2 km but many environmental factors can limit this range. Autonomous (Mavlink) flight plan flights are limited by the distance the drone can travel on a single battery charge.

The Bebop 2 itself has 4 antenna, one located on each landing foot.

Control data link can be described as an 802.11 wireless wifi connection operating within the governing body’s approved 2.4ghz or 5ghz operating band.

Video down link is integrated into the control data link stream.

That’s all I got :slight_smile: