Best hardware for low power BLE-cloud bridge

Hi All

I am new to this forum, and couldn’t find the info I wanted so far. I am looking to build an efficient low powered BLE-cloud bride to house outdoors, possibly with a battery & solar panel. The idea would be for it to wake up periodically, collect data from the Flower Power, transmit this to the Parrot cloud, then sleep until the next data collection. I feel a Raspberry Pi is not as efficient as I would like, to run off battery and solar.

Any idea’s or if someone has done this, can you please share the list of hardware you used.


Hi !
This is a great idea :smile:
we are using Rpi2 and we are working on a prototype on the Intel Edison platform.
Any Platform that runs BLE, Wifi and nodeJS should work fine.
You are more than welcome to share your thoughts here !

How much storage do you recommend in the Rpi ? I have a 1GB SD card sitting idle and want to use it. Or would that be too small for the Raspbian & required apps plus caching data ?