BLE level photo transfer on raspberry pi


Product: [Airborne Cargo]
Product version: [X.X.X]
SDK version: [NA]
Use of libARController: [NO]
SDK platform: [NA] BLE only
Reproductible with the official app: [YES]


Great community & lots of great info in posts.

As there is no Raspberrypi SDK compiler, I’m working with variations of BLE level code (python & node.js) to control the minidrone with controllers, keyboards and programmed waypoints (XYZ movement with pitch, Yaw etc) and taking photos = awesome!!

Has anyone created a BLE level script to pull pictures off the minidrone?

Is it possible to compile a subset of the SDK to FTP with the drone on a raspberry pi?

I think I’m on the right track with libARNetworkAL (SDK update include BLE support in C?) and may be something with bluez ftp? ideally I’d like to use a javascript solution but I don’t see much out there for node.js and noble for ftp,

Thanks in advance!


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I’m trying to find information as well about the process of transferring photos using the BLE protocol. In the documentation I’ve found that their are two characteristics for ftp-like transmission, 0xfd23 and 0xfd53. I haven’t been able to find any other documentation around these two characteristics.