Bug: Mambo FPV video stream loss



I was using Wireshark to view the video packets sent from the Mambo’s FPV camera and ran into the issue explained below.

As you can see in the screenshot below, each packet starting with the value 24 is a TCP packet that contains an H264 video data. The 2nd and 3rd byte indicates the size of the packet which should technically contain only 1 H264 data as payload

However, the FPV camera starts sending the next TCP packet even before the previous one is complete. This messes up the decoding process of the current and all subsequent packets.

As shown in the screenshot, the FPV camera was supposed to send 1122 bytes in the TCP packet and even before these many data are sent, it starts sending the next TCP packet containing H264 data.

Is this an issue caused by FPV camera when sending video packets over TCP?