C# library- jumping minidrone


I´m a C# developer who has recent bought a jumping night and I would like to create an app in .NET to control it (a UWP one).
I´ve been searching and found that there is no SDK 3 version for Windows. I would like to ask if is possible to build the libraries with Visual Studio on Windows with maybe some help, at start point.

If this option is not possible at all, I would like to learn more about the commands to send via Wifi to jumping.
I´ve been seen some projects at github that are capable to to pilot the drone, such as:

This library seems very interesting, with most of the functionality done, and it builds OK but fails doing handshake with drone, I´m trying to repair that.

If I finally achieve my purpose, i will try to extend it to others minidrones of parrots.
I would appreciate a lot any help or tips.

Thank you! Regards.

Another multiplatform library I´ve trying to build is

But there is no help to build it on Windows, I would like to do it, then write a wrapper to C# witch my app will use.

I think this task can be done for sure and even more people might have it already done, any advice would be very helpful, thanks!!