Camera in "GPS acquisitionmode" stopped capturing pictures

I am running the new 1.4.1 Software in th sequia Camera. Today the camera stoped very shortly after takoff taking pictures.
Aftter I realized this, I restarted the camera and started the mission again. Could you please check on the tow attached files. May be you find the cause for the Bug. (Previous flight yesterday where ok. ) I See 11 TIFF and jpg files wth zero byte size.
We fly only with the camera not with the ebee.
I see two non picture files in the directory which contains the problem causing flight.
sequoia_param.dat and sequoia_diag.dat.
The camera has a setting parameter in which I can define the every 20m i set of pictures is taken. This has worked in the past with the software 1.3.2 for several dozen of flights.
(How can I upload sequoia:diag.dat?)

this is redicolous, Nobody from the developers seem to take resposibility.
a) to answer my question
b) to look a the problem (analyzing the log file).
On our side we have compared the operation temperature of the camera.
We operate the camera about 10°C lower than Sequoia Cameras integratet in the sensefy Drohnen.
We strongly believe the Software crashes go along with the new software version. With 1.3.2 we did not crashes. We had only the anying magnetometer Problem.

We are here in the Professional busniness nad not in the Consumer business. We have to fulfill a cantract with our customers and have liability.

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Dear @jstrebel

I don’t see any file attached to your initial message. The easiest solution is to use a web service such as wetransfer, dropbox …

As the name of the forum suggests it, this is not a customer service website, even though we strive on solving your problems.
The first step would be to contact the customer service of your reseller.
In most of the cases, this would solve your problem
So to summarize regarding your list:
a) let’s consider this as the beginning of answering your questions
b) once we have the logs we will gladly take a look at them

c) Could you please describe more your integration? Apparently you have both an eBee and another drone.
Did you try to use Sequoia on the eBee after upgrading it to 1.4.1 ? Do you still see the problem?

Best regards

thank you for responding. I asked for a procedure to upload the diag File, because the forum does not allow this as far I see. Here is a link to the files.

Regarding Bug reporting: Parrot and Sensefly advised us to report the bug here in this forum. It would be desireable for us to report bugs to ONE trouble ticket system. It is very time consuming and confusing for us a customer if we get dircted from one instance to another.

As mentioned in my first mail with the earlier Software 1.3.1 we did not expirience any SW crashes but we had Problems with the magentometer. Nothing has changed in the meantime in our flying plattform.

May be this helps why we ended up here:

Von: ““Jan PRC13”
Betreff: Parrot Case n° 967626 [ ref:_00DD0ltXz._500571UEnxl:ref ]
Datum: 11. Juli 2017 um 10:11:03 MESZ
An: "jstrebel/“at”/"
Dear Jakob,
Thank you for contacting Parrot.

Unfortunately I am not able to answer to your query please contact our devolopers in the devolopers forum:

Best Regards,
Parrot Customer Service & Support

Overheating for sure !

Hi Clement.fallet, i am having problem with simulator camera. When i start capture with waypoint item, drone can not stop capture. PHOTO_MODE is always STOPPING. So can not capture photo. If you reconnect, can not fetch live stream. Please help me to resolve this problem.
(20/12: Simulator is OK but 23/12, it has above problem, i did not change anything before).