Can all Parrot drones be reprogrammed/modified?


I want to buy a MiniDrone to reprogramme it, I would like to get it to do things like: decision making/machine learning/computer vision,… I know you are able to do this with ar.drone 2.0, but I would like to know if all Parrot drones can be modified in that way.

I have never bought a drone before, so I am not sure how all this is done, but I am studying robotics so hopefully I will get it done someday :). I am thinking of getting the Mambo MiniDrone, which I think has good characteristics for aerobatics.

Thanks in advance.


Please note that you’ll need to make a whole new software on your own. Also note that this void your warranty.

We provide the toolchains and the binaries for our products.

From here, I can’t be a good help as it is not related at all with the sdk. But maybe the community can help you further.

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