Can I install 3G module to Jumping Sumo?


Hello, I’m a master candidate in Incheon National University, and studying about the 3D reconstruction from sequantial video with robot.

I have a question about the jumping sumo, is it have a usb port-work as a host device like desktop? And could i control it through 3g network via 3g module?

My purpose is control jumping sumo from my pc(connected to internet) via 3g network. Is it possible?


Doing this would require a lot of changes in the Jumping Sumo firmware:

  • You will need to provide drivers to the 3g module, built for our Kernel (you can find our exact kernel here).
  • The 3g module should have a public IP address, as the Jumping Sumo expect direct incoming connections
  • If you can’t guarantee this, you’ll have to provide your own mean of association, like a STUN/TURN server.
  • Using a non-wifi connection might be handled very badly by the stream monitor (the process in charge of tuning the stream bitrate according to the link quality).

So, tl;dr: You can, but it won’t be easy.

An “easier” solution, if applicable for you, would be to use a bridge device (could be a smartphone), which will handle the 3G connection to your computer, and the wifi connection to the Jumping Sumo at the same time, with a custom build app to forward packets from one to the other.



Unfortunately this link appears to be down. Is there another link to both the Kernel source (for Jumping Race), with parrot modifications and also the config file? Ideally it would be nice to have a quick sheet as to what GCC to compile with and a sample module to verify the process.

Thank you!

In case anyone is following up on this thread, i’ve updated the link to the source in this thread.