Can I still connect the Drone with my phone,when the Drone is tied with SLAM Dunk?

When I connect the Drone with SLAM Dunk, can I still use the mobile sdk in my phone to connect the Drone, and can I use the computation in the SLAM Dunk, in other words, can I communicate with SLAM Dunk in my phone?

As long as you don’t use the sdk to connect the SLAMDunk to the bebop, you can still use your phone to control it.
And if you have some kind of ssh client on your phone, you can communicate with the slamdunk over wifi.

so can i control the drone with the mobile SDK,and get sensor information from SLAM Dunk using ssh client?
do you try this thing in iOS?

I have not tried this with a phone but I have controlled the bebop with one while monitoring sensor info on a laptop via an ssh connection (and ROS too).