Cannot connection app Hello Drone

Hi folks,
I need your help.
I followed the steps in the documentation, and I cannot connect with the application to the Mambo drone.

I made an update to the drone firmware and still can’t make the connection.

The steps:

  1. connect Mambo drone to wi-fi.
  2. I open the application [Hello Drone] and the connection is not made.

Does anyone have any idea how to make the connection?

If anyone can provide a functional application for communication between an application on android and a Mambo drone, regardless of SDK2 or SDK3 I would be grateful.

The application is available:


Ground SDK is for ANAFI drone only.
Your Mambo uses SDK3, the documentation to follow is
There is no “hello Drone” app for Mambo, but there are many example on GitHub using Mambo drone.