Can't download images via wifi

Good day

I have noticed that when using an SD card with our Bluegrass sometimes some but mostly all of the photos don’t get written to the SD card (except for the calibration images). I resolved to using the cameras internal memory, but are now running into trouble when trying to download them (I have been successful in the past, this is a new problem). When connected to the Bluegrasses WiFi with my laptop I can page through all the images. When I download it however all the calibration photos are on their zipped folder but the flights photos (although the expected size) are not showing in their downloaded zipp file. I get a compression is invalid error and when exploring it with 7-Zip I see only a single ‘imagefile’ the size of the whole expected flight folder size.

Does anyone know how to resolve this problem?

Kind regards

Hi all… Did anyone find the solution to this problem. I have the same issue.

I’m having the same problem

I haven’t found a solution to the problem with writing to the SD card, but WinZip seems to be able to repair and unzip the corrupted zip files, but it is not freeware.