Change Flypad key function


is any way to change the functions of the key?


see here:

and here:


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Product: Mambo
Platform: IOS

Hi Synman, I can´ t find a way to check when a button has been pressed on Flypad.

Example: When pressing the “RIGHT_TOP” button I would like to activate / deactivate an image on the screen

There is a documentation as for Android "Flypad Usage Example (Android)"
but for IOS?


It appears the mini mapper does not have this functionality at the moment. Perhaps one of the parrot devs can weigh in on the roadmap, if there is one.


The flypad presents itself as a simple BLE device. There’s nothing all that fancy about how it communicates. Within the Android example are the characteristic names / values / modes / etc that need to be invoked to interact with it. I can explain further if you’d like to ask questions about it in that thread.